About Photo.Koschinowski.de

At its very core, Photo.Koschinowski.de is a webpage of André Koschinowski dedicated to his subjective view on landscape photography.

Our Ethos

It is our aim to create beautiful photo art around landscape photography.

Our Ethos is:

  • Do what you love.
  • There are no short cuts. Do the work.
  • Work with great people. They are not always the easiest.
  • Trust your inner voice.
  • Execute well.
  • Passion to perform.
  • Ignore doubters.
  • Enjoy!

About the Artist

André Koschinowski is a German fine art landscape photographer based

in Oelde | Münsterland | Germany.

André is a member of the german chapter (DVF) of the Fédération Internationale de l’Art Photographique (FIAP).

Since his first camera in 2010 Andre has been working the light, and developing vision and style.

He has photographed three of the seven continents and now specialises in the landscapes of The Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Norway, Italy, New Zealand and the USA.

Photography Approach

Photography means to me landscape photography as a philosophy of life.

So my photography approach is not only aimed creating images.

The discovery of previously unknown places, the great collective experiences with friends, the approach to personal boundaries, the absolute concentration on discovering and the finding of something unexpected makes my day.

There are moments where the light, the colour, the shape and their balance all interlock so beautifully that I feel speachless and overwhelmed with emotion. The sum of landscape photography is more than taking pictures, it’s about showing people how I belong and connect to the world.

I strongly believe that good landscape images are generated by emotion on the subject, the composition performance of the photographer as well as the existing power of natural light.

Despite extensive planning, you never know what you get.

Come follow along on my photograhpic journey. Explore, consider, and take something with you. Please leave a comment or stay tuned via my newsletter service.

Good Light !



I’ve very mixed feelings about listing awards and references. On one hand surely it can be deeply satisfying being awarded but on the other side photography as art cannot be judged in an absolute way. For those who would like getting informed are the following awards and references listed (to be continued):


  • 2015 Dunedin Festival of Photography, Honours, “Cries of Seagulls”
  • 2015 Dunedin Festival of Photography, Honours and Best Otago, “Otago Coast”
  • 2014 GIP-Medal, “Cries of Seagulls”
  • 2014 GIP, Honorable Mention, „Lofoten Islands“
  • 2013 GIP, Honorable Mention, “A new day has born”
  • Travel Photo of The Year 2014, Cewe Foto, Zeit Verlag Reisen, Finalist with “Marken Lighthouse”
  • Sehnsucht Deutschland 2014, “A new day has born”
  • Photo club champion 2013 (FCF, Stuttgart-Filderstadt)
  • Photo club champion 2014 (FCF, Stuttgart-Filderstadt)
  • Curated photos on 1x.com
  • Phase One Photo Contest 2015 TOP 30


  • Lufthansa
  • Kölln
  • Air Berlin
  • Sylt Tourismus-Service
  • Volksbank Husum


All images on this site were made with digital full format cameras and multiple lenses from 14mm – 200mm.


Legal Disclosure

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André Koschinowski
Habichthöhe 34
D-59302 Oelde
– Germany –


E-Mail: photo@koschinowski.de
Internet: photo.koschinowski.de


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